Where Clouds End – The Story of a Dark Soul

Novella-Cover-Poster Where Clouds End – The Story of a Dark Soul by Martin Wolkner

The novella „Where Clouds End – The Story of a Dark Soul“ along with the German version „Wo Wolken enden“ was self-published as a paperback (112 pages Seiten, ISBN: 9783749465965, 7,99€) and E-book (3,99€) in 2019. Both versions will be available everywhere in the next couple of days.

„Where Clouds End“ was my very first longer prose work and is my first fiction publication in English (after two novels and poems in German). I wrote it right after leaving school between October 1999 and the summer of 2000 and heavily revised it over the years. This short novel captures and sharpens the loneliness I have felt all through secondary school as a gay man in a pointed, melancholy and philosophical way. Due to its conciseness it is probably also my most densest and most atmospheric work to date, enwrought with early poems, a very few of which have made it into my German volume of poems.



A sullen guilt keeps an a-level student at a distance to other people and his only companion is the pain in his soul. Even his hard-working single mother hardly knows the lone wolf. But one autumn in the mid-1990s a young man crosses his path who also seems lonely but for his dog. After their fateful encounter, and something develops which could become a friendship. But the outsider has to do some serious soul-searching whether he can allow this to happen.


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