I established homochrom as a cinema series in 2009. Until 2019 I showed a gay film in 6 cities from Cologne to Dortmund every month, and since 2012 an additional lesbian movie in 4 cities every other month.

Filmfest homochrom took place every year in October in Cologne and Dortmund from 2011 until 2018. Quickly it developed into the second-largest of 25 queer film festivals in Germany, reaching an audience of over 3.000 in its last year. Many premieres, international film guests, audience awards and German subtitling (almost) throughout made it something special in one of Europe’s biggest metropolitan areas. When it was discontinued, Cologne became the first city in the world to have lost not one, but two queer film festivals.

In 2021 I organised the first Litfest homochrom, which took place in Cologne in August and comprised 33 authors reading their queer texts, short stories, monologues or excerpts from their novels. All readings (German) were filmed and are now available as videos on Youtube and as podcasts (e.g. on Spotify).

I founded homochrom and am the chairman of the association homochrom e.V. since it was founded in August 2011.

website: homochrom.de